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"If you want guidance in the government travel marketplace, then simply join SGTP. You'll grow with it!"
"My SGTP membership has enabled our agency to keep abreast of the very latest of all that is happening in the government travel market and to meet with other agencies, suppliers and government employees, who now recognize me by name and affiliation and respond to my concerns."
"I had very little experience in government travel when I attended my first SGTP conference eleven years ago. I can say that much of what I know now about government travel was acquired by attending the SGTP conferences each year."
"This organization lets you network directly with the government. It's a great resource."
"SGTP membership and participation is imperative in order to proactively do business with the government community."
"My membership and participation in SGTP has opened many doors to federal government decision makers."
"I've always found that the benefit I receive from this organization is directly proportionate to my level of effort and involvement."
"New ideas, an open exchange of information and new contacts from each SGTP meeting are invaluable and unequaled by any other industry group!"
"As a travel supplier, SGTP membership affords us the opportunity to reach one of our most important markets. It is a valuable resource, one we will continue to support."

The $20 billion Government travel market has many facets and approaches. The Society Of Government Travel Professionals (SGTP) is dedicated to helping you answer the many questions about this multi-faceted market.

With the ever-changing economy, it is important now more than ever to understand the inner workings of how the government buys its travel. Whether a buyer of services for the government or a supplier wishing to work closely with the government, SGTP can help you work more effectively.

The purpose of SGTP is to increase your knowledge of and professionalism in Government travel management. Take advantage of:

  • Education Conferences -- twice annually (February & September), these conferences help you develop and implement your Government travel program; identify standards and trends in the industry to sharpen your marketing strategies; and, put you in contact with key Government and contractor personnel and travel industry leaders.

  • Individualized Workshops -- geared to your specific needs and interests. Workshops on civilian and DoD Government policies, geographic interest groups, developing your leisure program, hotel/supplier workshops, and developing your Government travel operations/sales program-among others.

  • SGTP On-Line --Check our home page at for information on most frequently asked questions about our $20 billion travel market.

  • Publications -- SGTP publishes numerous studies, surveys and manuals which provide up-to-date information on Government travel management.

  • Continual networking opportunities -- SGTP will put you in touch with Government travel mentors as well as acknowledged industry leaders to help you learn the steps and techniques to successful Government travel management.

Reasons Government, CRCs and Travel Agents Join
Education Conferences

  • Earn CPE Credits for your own professional development and your job
  • One-on-One dialogue with industry decision-makers
  • Professional development sessions
Marketing-Feedback traveler results and negotiate new programs with suppliers at:
  • $20 billion Go*USA Travel Mart
  • Twice yearly Conferences
  • Web site/Member Profiles CD
Improving Policy & Procedures
  • SGTP is a catalyst for updating government travel management and contracting practices-to better serve the traveller and taxpayer.

Reasons Suppliers Join
  • Twice yearly, hundreds of government, CRC and supplier executives meet in the Washington, DC area
  • Go*USA Travel Mart enjoys a better than 50% buyer ratio.
  • Earn CPE Credits for your own professional development and your job
  • Professional development sessions for your interests
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Leading Edge General Sessions
  • Great Networking Functions
  • Your direct opportunity to help resolve critical government and industry-wide issues.

The SGTP member and staff team is always available to answer your questions.
Please let us show you how SGTP membership will benefit you.